Tuesday, 17 June 2008

D is for driftwood..................

I think you could have predicted what D would be for and don't get me wrong I'm not recommending filling you house completely with the stuff- but like the picture below mix it in with ornate wooden cupboards and lots of white paint............

House beautiful- it's all in the details
This is a definite favourite of mine (the chandelier is driftwood) you can see some lovely ideas from this book and other places on this cool design blog Terramia

beyond the sea
This small business has some simple mirrors and cabinets that are very reasonable priced

This company do some very chic modern driftwood lamps

Heres some simple ideas for you to do yourself on one of my favourite blogs....
design sponge

Theres this lovely Driftwood Inn in Florida's Vero beach its a bit too far for me and involves scary planes ( I know I'm a baby!) but if you're nearby check it out for me!

I think this is the best driftwood lamp I found so far but they also do nice sculpture and glass topped tables too at all driftwood furniture

I confess to a secret lovely of taxidermy- I'd prefer it if you could get a vegetarian version- (Eg a butterfly that died peaceful on a flower, in the arms of his life long partner!) but its still amazing to actually see real life insects and other things- not sure about furry things though! Ug! Mr Pike above is from Tim's

Karen Miller has to be the top driftwood artist in the Uk- can see her stunning pieces at
devon driftwood designs
more money than I can afford I'm afraid but I may find a millionaire sugar Daddy one day!

Indie artist
Dolan Geiman
is just too cool for school and I just love his polaroid collection above

Heres some lovely watercolour by
Reg Roberts

And you can find really reasonably priced items at
Surf art

Last but not least don't forget to add candles (with care though!)
sconce from this ebay shop
any suggestions for E? I'm still undecided!


Alkemie said...

Great inspiration! I especially love the diftwood lamp by Trianon!


Two Crofters said...

you have created such a beautiful blog x
everything i love all in one place!
we are building a house by the sea and my hope is to furnish it in chalky blue and grey with white floors and painted furniture.
i have collected driftwood for many years and will use this throughout the home.
thank you for your pictures - just lovely x
i truly hope you live by the sea one day - it would suit you perfectly!
t x

Suzie Sews said...

Lovely inspiration. I am loving the beach buttons on your side bar...

{this is glamorous} said...

A great collection - especially like the Trianon lamp -- the long, rectangular shade is fantastic!

Joanna Goddard said...

whoa, i LOVE this post! i'm going to bookmark it and definitely follow your links and advice. thank you!!

Jacoline (Lien) said...

Great blog. I love the see as well. I'm very happy to live close to the beach. Your blog is lovely, keep it up.

frazzy dazzles said...

I just dropped by to say hi after you left a comment with me...but I stayed much longer than I thought I would just wandering around and looking at your lovely posts! You have a wonderful eye for beautiful things! Jen

driftwood shack said...

Alison (so tread softly) says

Anyway, E suggestions. You could use eggs I suppose as in Duck EGG Blue? How about England or English? Looks that are typically English. Umm...eiderdowns, Ecru (of items that are that unbleached colour), eBay (your favourite decor sellers), embroidery, entertain... That's all I came up with last night but it was late and it had been a long day.

(she had trouble adding her comment!)

driftwood said...

wow, all these things are goegeous - but then I'm biased. love the idea of your blog, and your pictures are lovely. x

Lyn Spataro said...

this post is wonderful. i have been wanting a driftwood shelf for some time and eventually will collect it and make it myself. ooh, the heart is sweet. thanks for sharing!

Treecycled Furniture said...

See what we do with driftwood at www.treecycledfurniture.blogspot.com