Wednesday, 6 August 2008

J is for Jars

I adore glass, thick aqua old glass with clear white sunlight glowing through it, and if you don't have curious little fingers picking up your pretty things -then make room for jars and jugs....

I love this vintage style bottle from Cox & Cox

........this is simple perfection from my favourite artist Christopher Gallego
I think this Jar of olives would make a fantastic kitchen print from Here
In Britain the Kilner jar reigns supreme for traditional preserving but I have started to fall in love with the much more stylish Mason Jar.......

I'm suck a sucker for monochrome images, aren't I? but you have to love the Sea fan in this picture.......

I hate a bathroom full of products- but it can't always be avoided (men!) can it though? This en suite bathroom would have to be for me only.........

cox & cox
.......this is a funky bedside water jug, though I'm not sure what's in this one, sherry maybe?

.............Here's a lovely new photographer Janne Peters
these are just a tiny example of her beautiful and inspiring work.......

.............known as the artist's artist for amazing still life's of jars and bottles, Giorgio Morandi's paintings are so peaceful and calming

a neolithic pot
which i hope to paint..
if i ever find time

blossom hill cottons
if only my buttons were so neat....

.........pretty but not for my windswept garden.........
......I love this page of floral classification, so go outside pick a weed and get a jar jam out from under the sink this is truely cheap chic.............

ps. laziness and children have hijacked me and the paintings and photo's ideas I started are buried under socks and lollipops in my head- so I may return to to this post later-when the grey clouds are gone and the babysitter returns!

Monday, 28 July 2008

I is for Ironwork

British seaside resorts and older train stations are covered in intricate Victorian Ironwork- Much of which is neglected and rusting which though very beautiful is our history sadly rotting away. More and more are being treasured and maintained.

Paddington Station from here


Elsie's Brighton
Brighton is one of our trendiest seaside towns and probably our loveliest.

Check out Ethel Roosevelts bedroom in the White House
I thought I'd find hundreds of fantastic beds but I did struggle, most were to cataloguee for me but this caught my (fussy) eye..........

from Cote de Texas

Cambridge 2ooo Gallery

I love the collection of ironwork at the Victoria and Albert Museum, Kensington, London

This lovely staircase is French of course! from here
In fact I found so many beautiful ornate ironwork doors and balconies from France....

By photographer Dan Geldert

art and architecture

Here's one of the doors of Notre dame Cathedrale
Speaking of beautiful things French- we shouldn't neglect the French quarter of New Orleans

see more here

State street

You can always find lovely ironwork garden furniture online


I can't forget the handsome elegance of a Iron wood burning stove

In my various wanderings around the internet I keep drifting to Enon Hall
a wonderful restoration journal of the Hathaways of Virginia who re-bought their Ancestral home in need of love and repair, and are returning it to its former lovely self.

Another fascinating resource is the Steampunk blog where I found among other things this lovely painting by Artist Tom Kidd

Don't forget your pooch needs glamour too (yes the English are crazy!) Fleur de Lis dog bed.